Thursday, June 14, 2012

We're relocating!

Hi everyone!  So obviously it has been FOREVER since I've posted, but I figure since we've been in GB mostly everyone knows what we're up to anyway.  I had gotten a lot of requests to put pictures up somewhere that people would be able to order/print them off, so I created a shutterfly page.  As it turns out, I can also use that website for as a blog, so we will be moving over to that site.  Since it includes a lot more pictures and info, I have decided to make it a private  site, so you will need me to invite you.  I would LOVE for everyone to still be a part of our blog, so please, please, please leave me your email address either on here, facebook, or at so that I can invite you to our new site!  Thanks!  Looking forward to getting this up and running again and sharing all of the adventures that Connecticut will bring us.