Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Six Month Check-Up

Today Ethan went to the doctor for his 6 month check-up.  He is a very healthy little boy!  He is now 26.3 inches long (although I am going to measure him myself, because I think the untrained enlisted kid who measured him did it incorrectly) and is up to 16.1 pounds.  What a chunker!  I really like his new pediatrician.  I have heard some horror stories from other moms around here, so I'm glad he got one of the good ones!  He has to go back tomorrow for his shots, since apparently they cannot get them until they are exactly 6 months (or older).  Good work to whoever scheduled our appointment.  Hope you are all enjoying the snow/slush you are getting.  It's 75 and sunny here (I know, I'm so mean!)  To make up for it, I leave you with two videos of a very happy baby boy.


  1. Ahhhh haha I had to watch the one with Newton twice because I thought it was soo funny when Ethan almost fell over! Also Ethan is smiling A LOT in this video I LOVE IT! =D

  2. 75! I'm so envious. As I write this - we've had about 1 inch of the "crappy white stuff." So happy you have a good pediatrician that you respect and like. It's so important.

  3. Love all pictures and videos ESP the line with the one with Newton. I can't believe how Ethan is getting. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. Miss all you guys.