Sunday, March 4, 2012

Almost done....

Zach is almost done with school!  If all goes according to plan, he should be pretty much done after Wednesday.  After that we will be in full out move mode.  Our plan is to leave South Carolina on April 6th and be in Green Bay in time for Easter.  We don't know exactly how long we'll get to spend at home, but we're hoping it will be a couple of weeks before we have to head to Connecticut.  We had a great visit with my parents last week--we were sad to see them leave!  Here are some pictures of their visit.

Boone Hall Plantation

Rainbow Row

Pineapple fountain in downtown Charleston

Charleston Charlie--the HUGE gator that lives on base

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  1. Oh Katie, those pictures are great. So nice your parents could come and visit too. With Dottie away on a cruise, I'm so behind in news. So happy to hear you are going to Connecticut - it's a good time of the year for it.