Monday, October 10, 2011

Five months old!

I completely forgot that today was Ethan's five month birthday until my mom reminded me!  He is getting so big!  On friday we went to a bonfire at the neighbors house and Ethan and Tanner slept in the pack n play together.  They were so adorable and wearing matching pj's!  On Saturday Zach brewed his beer....he had a minor hops mishap, so we're hoping it will turn out ok.  Of course yesterday we celebrate a Brewer and Packer win!  Ethan celebrated being five months old by having some squash today.  I've made him both squash and sweet potatoes so far.  He hasn't eaten the sweet potatoes yet, but loves the squash.  I am really enjoying making his baby is so easy with the food processor.  Hope you are all having better weather than we are, only rain in the foreseeable future for us!

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  1. Happy 5-month-old birthday Ethan. What a cutie he is. loved the picture of he and his friend too - so nice to have a friend the same age so close to play wtih.