Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Last night we had a Halloween party at our house.  A few of our friends came over and we all dressed up.  Ethan dressed up as a monkey, Tanner was a bear, and another couple we know has an 11 month old son who also dressed up as a bear.  Zach was a toy soldier and I was a witch.  As I was getting dressed, the zipper on my dress completely broke, so I ended up having to wear a sweater, since the back of my dress was completely open!  Oh least it was only $6 at Goodwill.  What's everyone else dressing up as???


  1. Cute pictures Love the costumes.

  2. The pictures are adorable, and what fun you must have had. So happy to hear you have friends down there. Enjoy halloween. (oh, Mario is in a pumpkin!) A pumpkin cat.