Saturday, October 1, 2011

I know it's been a few days.....

So I know it has been a couple days since I last posted, sorry!  We haven't been doing anything terribly exciting, but somehow I have found myself very busy the last few days.  I'll make up for it by post lots of pictures!  Also it has been requested that we post a video of Ethan eating his cereal....we're taping it tonight, promise! On thursday Ethan had a play date with his friend Tanner.  They are the best of friends now, but the first two times that Ethan saw Tanner, he burst into tears!  It's going to be really fun to watch them play when the two of them start crawling.  It is finally nice out today so we were able to go outside and play ball with Newton.  Ethan sat in the swings at the park for the first time!  He's still a bit small though, and it's hard to have him sit in it without flopping forward :)  Zach is enjoying all the sports on TV today.  Hope everyone will be cheering on the Brewers and the Badgers today!


  1. Hi Katie - your pictures of Ethan are absolutely adorable. I'm so happy you have a blog so I can share in the news too. I've been trying hard to follow you with my other account rather than Mario's, but I'm not successful yet. Probably you young people could have this done in 2 minutes whereas I've been working on it for 10 minutes now. he he

  2. OMG!!!! Love the new pictures. He has grown so much. Keep bloging and send picture you and zach.

  3. These pictures are cracking me up! Can't believe how big he is getting. The first one of him in the swing is my new background.